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Rest In Peace — Two Rookie Female Cops Gunned Down In COLD BLOOD (Details)

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Two weeks on the job.

Murdered in cold blood.

That’s how life ended for 22-year-old California police officer Natalie Corona.

Where’s the mainstream media?

Is this not a HUGE deal?

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How sad!

From Sacramento Bee:

Davis police Officer Natalie Corona died as the result of a chilling, resolute ambush by a city resident on a bicycle who rode up to an accident scene she was investigating Thursday night, then opened fire with a hail of bullets from a semiautomatic handgun, police said.

Chief Darren Pytel described an inexplicable attack that began just before 7 p.m. near 5th and D streets as Corona responded to a minor three-car collision.

As she stood talking to one of the motorists, the gunman glided up on a bicycle, stopping in the shadows on a sidewalk, then walked toward the 22-year-old rookie police officer and began firing.

“The suspect basically just opened up firing, shot her once and she went down to the ground, and he ended up shooting her multiple times,” Pytel said at a news conference Friday night at police headquarters. “At that point, he unloaded a magazine, reloaded and started shooting in another direction.”

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Another young female office, Chateri Payne of the Shreveport PD, was also killed in cold blood:

From New York Post:

On Wednesday night in Shreveport, Louisiana, Officer Chateri Payne, who’d just graduated from the police academy Nov. 16, was shot and killed while she was leaving her home in uniform en route to her night tour.

Various NYPD Twitter accounts, including that of NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill, tweeted about both of the deaths.

Shreveport Police Chief Ben Raymond: “Every life is precious and the taking of any human life is unacceptable, but when a servant who has taken an oath and committed their life to protecting others is violently taken from us, we all collectively feel the pain of that loss.

It has been said when a police officer is killed, it’s not an agency that loses an officer, it’s an entire nation. Those words solemnly read true today.

Rest in peace.

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