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Right to Life, Personhood, & Voting Rights | Schaftlein Report

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Topics from the latest episode of The Schaftlein Report

Guest: Ricardo Davis – President of Georgia Right to Life (

1.) Discuss Georgia Right to Life – 2.) Biden unveils $2T Part 1 of the Infrastructure Bill – 3.) Raising the Corporate Tax rate to 28% from 21% – 4.) GA Gov. Kemp slams critics of Voter Rights Bill for lying about what is in the bill. Woke business leaders push back including Delta. What is wrong with requiring voter ID – NOTHING

5.) Texas pushes Biometric Voter Registration System. Sen. Rick Scott of Fl ” If you oppose HR-1 the Dems call you Racist “Who cares what they call us”- Your Host Mark Schaftlein – 6.) VP Harris cannot be found addressing border Crisis – Gov Abbot and Ducey demand action


Massive Migrant Caravan Marches Toward US with LGBT Flags Flying as Mexican President Snubs Biden at Summit

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