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Rittenhouse on Firearm Used in Kenosha: 'We Don't Want Anything to Do With It'

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For months, the left-leaning media and their surrogates in Washington DC have attempted to paint Kyle Rittenhouse as a racist child whose presence in Kenosha, Wisconsin was a decision steeped in his hopes of killing.

This was, of course, absurd, and a jury of his peers found Rittenhouse not guilty on all charges stemming from the shooting death of two men.  The young man was found to be unequivocally defending himself from a mortal threat.

Then, Rittenhouse further shattered the left’s attempts to defame him by telling the world that he was, in fact, a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

His latest actions only further dismantles the notion that Rittenhouse acted purposefully, or the insane idea that he’s relishing in his infamy.

Kyle Rittenhouse said he will “destroy” the AR-15-style weapon he used in the fatal shooting of two people last year at a racial injustice protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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During an appearance on the conservative podcast “The Charlie Kirk Show,” Rittenhouse said Tuesday that the gun was being “destroyed right now.”

“We don’t want anything to do with that,” he said.

The young man also took aim, (no pun intended), at a dangerous stunt perpetrated by a prosecutor in his case.

During the interview, he criticized Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger for pointing an AR-15 during the trial, with his finger on the trigger, to demonstrate to the court how Rittenhouse carried his gun during the deadly protest.

“He was pointing the gun at the gallery, and I looked at my attorney. I said, ‘Corey, that’s Gun Safety 101.’ Loaded or unloaded, treat a gun like it’s loaded,” he said, referring to one of his lawyers, Corey Chirafisi.

It is widely believed that Rittenhouse may soon file suit against a number of companies and individuals who defamed him as “racist” prior to his verdicts being announced, including President Joe Biden.

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