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RIVERA: Biden Chaos Is Inviting International Aggression

Without question.



The time has come to acknowledge an undeniable truth, the Biden administration is no longer prioritizing America’s security, and that new posture extends beyond the southern border.

The disaster at the southern border falls directly on Joe’s shoulders, as it was the president who decided to tell the world that he intended to create a pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegal residents of the US in the weeks following his election victory in November. 

Biden also made the wildly irresponsible decision to immediately stop construction on the border wall. That played an undeniable part in the 78,323 encounters between border patrol and migrants in the states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California this past January, which was more than twice the 36,585 border patrol encounters that occurred a year ago in the same month, according to US Customs and Border Protection

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Despite an orchestrated media blackout, the truth has gotten out Central American and Mexican cartels, not to mention human traffickers, have noticed America’s friendlier attitude towards border jumpers and are looking to bring in profits in the billions between human trafficking other drug related and organized crime activities.  

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Despite the detention centers inhabited by migrants awaiting a court date to determine their future in the United States having become over populated, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Chief Alejandro Mayorkas recently asserted just a few weeks ago that there is no crisis at the border. He would also state that America is on pace to encounter more illegal immigrants on the southern border than during any time in the last twenty years.

These statements should frighten Americans, especially when considering that DHS oversees an agency crucial to the security of the United States, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

CISA is oversees America’s cybersecurity posture protects critical infrastructure, including our power grid. A power grid that has already been successfully compromised by hackers from several countries including China and Russia. 

Unfortunately, a recent report from the Government Accountability Office claimed that CISA is still yet to reach full operational capacity as the agency is has failed to achieve the final phase of organizational changes planned in the CISA Act of 2018.

While report also showed that more than 50 planned tasks were yet to be completed as of the middle of February.

Additional organizational changes are planned for CISA, where one of President Trump’s final appointments, Brandon Wales, is seen as merely a placeholder for a future Biden nominee. This has sent a message internationally that America is vulnerable, and major cyber events including the SolarWinds hack, recently reported attacks from Chinese hacking group Hafnium against Microsoft’s Exchange Server software and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks against security software Fortinet FortiOS, have caused major issues for at least nine federal agencies in addition to a multitude of entities in the private sector.

The unmitigated mess at the border and the unthinkable attitude towards it by the leader of America’s top federal public security agency is expected to invite aggression from the cartels, human traffickers, terrorists, and state-sponsored hacking groups that can cause widespread pain and suffering to America by attacking our critical infrastructure. 

The time has now come for the media and any common sense moderate Democrats in DC to acknowledge the massive failures of the new administration as North Korea resumes testing on a new type of tactical guided missile, while Iran and assorted world powers begin discussions on the lifting of US sanctions pertaining to the Iranian nuclear program. America is now positioned as a sitting duck as the fallout from Biden’s many miscalculations has already begun.

Julio Rivera is a business and political strategist, the Editorial Director for Reactionary Times, and a political commentator and columnist. His writing, which is focused on cybersecurity and politics, has been published by websites including The Hill, Newsmax, The Washington Times, Real Clear Politics, Townhall, American Thinker and many others.


Biden’s ‘Day of Prayer’ Remarks Never Mentioned God, But It DID Talk of ‘Racial Justice’ and ‘Climate Change’

Devout Catholic….



Joe Biden put out his first presidential proclamation for the National Day of Prayer, but it seems he forgot to mention anything about God, or religion… well, except for the left’s religions of climate change and racial justice. Biden issued his proclamation on Thursday to supposedly address the power of prayer. But instead of an ode to God, Christianity or even religion in general, Biden paid homage to the left’s fake religions and ignored real religions. “Throughout our history, Americans of many religions and belief systems have turned to prayer for strength, hope, and guidance,” Biden’s proclamation began. “Prayer has nourished countless souls and powered moral movements — including essential fights against racial injustice, child labor, and infringement on the rights of disabled Americans. Prayer is also a daily practice for many, whether it is to ask for help or strength, or to give thanks over blessings bestowed.” Biden added that the First Amendment protects “the rights of free speech and religious liberty,” which protects the right of all Americans to pray. “These freedoms have helped us to create and sustain a Nation of remarkable religious vitality and diversity across the generations,” the proclamation continued. Celebrating the “healing balm of prayer,” Biden added, “As we continue to confront the crises and challenges of our time — from a deadly pandemic, to the loss of lives and livelihoods in its wake, to a reckoning on racial justice, to the existential threat of climate change — Americans of faith can call upon the power of prayer to provide hope and uplift us for the work ahead.” Biden did not mention the words God, Jesus, or any specific religious concepts other than the general point of “prayer.” This is in stark contrast to every president before him. Even Barack Obama mentioned God. Check…

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Biden’s Jobs Report Crashes to Worst Miss in History, Then He Blames Trump

The latest jobs report is the worst miss of estimated new jobs creation in history, and Joe Biden is desperately trying to blame Trump.



The latest jobs report is the worst miss of estimated new jobs creation in history, and Joe Biden is desperately trying to blame Trump even as he claims nothing is wrong at all. Economists had predicted almost a million new jobs for this past period, but on Friday Biden’s latest report came in at only 266,000 new jobs. This is a huge gap, and the worst miss of jobs predictions in history. Not only did Biden’s numbers come in at a massive miss of the expected new jobs, but the unemployment rate actually went up to 6.1%. One of Biden’s problems us that the Democrats keep handing out free cash to the unemployed which has convinced them that they don’t even need to go look for a job. Not only was this latest period a big miss, but the last one was also downgraded from the original estimate of 916,000 down to 770,000. When the news broke, Biden initially said everything was juuuust fine. “There is more evidence that our economy is moving in the right direction, but it’s clear we have a long way to go,” Biden said on Friday. But on the other hand, he tried to blame Trump, saying, “When we came in, we inherited a year of profound economic crisis and mismanagement on the virus.” Lies. The fact is, the report showed unemployment rose in April for the first time since April 2020, when the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic first hit the nation. Follow Warner Todd Huston on Facebook at:

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