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Robert Mueller's Team Now Jumping Ship as Final Report Approaches

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For weeks, we have been inundated with the idea that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was reaching the end of his wide-ranging investigation.

His original task, as outlined by the democratic conspiracy theory that spawned the investigation itself, was to root out any possibly of collusion between the Trump 2016 campaign and the Russian government.  The democrats were wholly sure that high level Russian agents were involved in exposing wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton during that 2016 election, thus causing her defeat.

The left believes that Trump was the impetus behind this…a claim that has yet to be backed up by any of Robert Mueller’s indictments.   Of course, Americans are also forgetting that the release of Clinton’s emails, which exposed her unacceptable corruption, saved the nation from enduring at least 4 years of her crooked ways.

Now, as Mueller has reportedly neared the end of his time as Special Counsel, (a rumor we’ve heard many a time before), one of the investigation’s mainstays is jumping ship.

Deputy special counsel Andrew Weissmann, who oversaw Mueller’s high-profile case against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, is expected to leave the office soon, Mueller spokesman Peter Carr confirmed.

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“Andrew Weissmann will be concluding his detail to the Special Counsel’s Office in the near future,” he said in an email, declining to comment further.

Weissmann is expected to take a teaching post at New York University this fall, according to a source familiar with the move.

For many, this is yet another indication that Mueller is preparing to file his final report.

Americans are concerned that the report, whose creation has been an incredible strain on our daily lives over the course of the last two years, won’t be made public.  We The People would certainly take issue with that outcome, not trusting anyone within our government or the mainstream media to filter this information to us unmolested by their partisan hackery.

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