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ROE RAGE:  Protests Erupt After Inevitable SCOTUS Decision 

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Weeks ago, when a leaked draft decision from the Supreme Court suggested that the justices would be overturning Roe v. Wade, the nation began to tremble.  A new fight was coming, with yet another hot button issue to be thrust into the national spotlight.

Our nation is already tearing itself apart at the seams, as the disparate poles of our political culture continue to exert themselves upon one another.  Now, with abortion rights now in the spotlight, there was sure to be turbulence.

And so on Friday, after the court officially declared its decision, the protests began.

Droves of protesters are descending on the Supreme Court Friday in the wake of justices overturning the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade case, eliminating the constitutional right to abortion after 50 years.

Protesters for and against a federal right to abortion gathered outside the court within moments. Cheers erupted from anti-abortion rights demonstrators and some women were seen crying.

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Lawmakers soon found their way into the fray, and the drivel coming from the Democrats was downright incendiary.

President Joe Biden, likely understanding that the mood on the left would be destructive, emphatically called for “peaceful” protests in the wake of the decision.

But, given the track record of left-leaning demonstrations, law enforcement around the nation was preparing for the worst.


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