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Roger Stone Reveals Robert Mueller's Dirty Tricks, Claiming "Harassment"

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With Special Counsel Robert Mueller certainly feeling the pressure of two years’ worth of criticism, there is little doubt that his pace is turning frantic.

As the former FBI chief grows further out of favor with the American people, the burden of proof for Mueller to provide proof of Russian “collusion” within the Trump campaign remains as large as ever.  His indictments against Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen, while certainly not paltry, are about as far removed from Moscow as possible.

Now, as Mueller grows desperate, his tactics have turned a bit grotesque and worrisome, at least according to frequent target of the Special Counsel, Roger Stone.

Trump confidant Roger Stone says he is being harassed by investigators who he claims have interviewed 19 of his friends and even tracked down his temporary maid to question her over his alleged ties to Russian operatives.

In an exclusive interview with, Stone reveals agents working for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office also showed witnesses photos of a two-year-old child they believed he may have fathered with infamous Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis.

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‘And that’s when they aren’t pulling my garbage,’ Stone said in a far-reaching, exclusive interview Thursday night in Florida.

Stone, similarly to his colleague Jerome Corsi, have been defiant in the face of the Special Counsel, with the latter even having filed suit against Robert Mueller after a botched interaction led to Corsi believing that he was going to be forced to “sign a lie”.

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