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Roger Stone Takes Ugly Shot at Mike Pence Over 2020 Election

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It’s no secret that Roger Stone enjoys colorful language; the political provocateur has been, well, provocative ad nauseam during his several decades in the Washington spotlight.

And the nation is also well aware of how Stone’s character has evolved in the age of Donald Trump and the MAGA Movement.  Stone is energized, enigmatic, and highly annoying to those who find themselves on the other side of the aisle from him.

This week, the object of Stone’s ire was none other than former Vice President Mike Pence, with whom Trump supporters have an incredibly fraught relationship.

Roger Stone, a prominent ally of former President Donald Trump, attacked former Vice President Mike Pence in a Thursday post on the messaging platform Telegram, calling him a “disloyal POS.”

Pence drew Trump’s ire after he declined to go along with an unconstitutional effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election result on January 6, 2021. Trump on Tuesday called for Pence to be investigated for declining to help. In an official statement, the former president said House investigators should probe why Pence “did not send back the vote for recertification or approval” to the states, insisting that his vice president had “the right to do so.”

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Stone on Thursday shared a Substack article written by Emerald Robinson, titled The Treachery of VP Mike Pence Explained to his channel on Telegram. In the post, Stone, who was officially pardoned by Trump, attacked Pence.

The statement was irate.

“If you ever had any doubt whatsoever that former Vice President Mike Pence was a duplicitous, disloyal POS, this stunning article will remove any doubt. Pence and his staff of ‘political advisors’ were working to undermine President Trump [and replace him with Mike Pence] from day ONE,” Stone wrote in the post.

Pence has repeatedly claimed his belief that he had no political power to do what was asked of him by then-President Trump regarding the certification of the 2020 election, but the MAGA masses don’t appear to be buying it.

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