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Ron DeSantis Looking to Ship Undocumented Migrants to Biden, Obama's Hometowns

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There have long been rumors that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is considering a run for higher office in the coming years, with a number of political observers suggesting that the Sunshine State lawmaker may very well have his eyes on the West Wing.

DeSantis, for his part, has slyly denied these rumors, but in ways that allow those who wish to see a wink and a nod to see one.

One thing that is certain, however, is that the Florida Governor is raising his national profile in ever-more bombastic ways, with his latest dig at the Democrats coming during the ongoing immigration crisis in America.

As part of his budget proposal, DeSantis wants $8 million to transport illegal aliens and border crossers out of Florida. During a press conference, DeSantis suggested sending the illegal aliens to President Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware or Martha’s Vineyard, where former President Obama is settled in a coastal mansion.

“In yesterday’s budget, I put in $8 million for us to be able to transport people here illegally out of the state of Florida,” DeSantis said. “It’s somewhat tongue in cheek, but it is true, if you sent them to Delaware or Martha’s Vineyard or some of these places, that border would be secure the next day.”

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Florida continues to be home to one of the nation’s largest illegal alien populations. At least 775,000 illegal aliens reside in the state — as many as reside in New York — out of the roughly 11 to 22 million illegal aliens who live across the United States. Only Texas and California have larger illegal alien populations.

DeSantis has been giving Florida a rather Texas-like feel of late, pushing the southern oasis’ independence and freedom-forward mindset to new levels.

Whether this will translate into a 2024 presidential run has yet to be seen.

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