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RUBBING OFF? Vice President Gains Reputation for Gaffes and Gibberish

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Throughout the modern political era, there is one thing that we know about Joe Biden, ultimately:  The man has plenty of trouble saying the right thing.

He’s a gaffe machine without equal in the landscape of Washington DC, and has been for some time.  His unintentional non-sequiturs, combined with his often exaggerative story telling and outright gibberish has made Joe Biden one of the most fumble-and-bumble-prone Presidents of all time.

But now it appears as thought his inability to string together coherent sentences is rubbing off on his Vice President.

Harris’ public appearances have been marked by unforced errors and uncomfortable moments, some caused by the vice president and some caused by those around her.

One day after the CNN report, the White House’s announcer at Biden’s signing ceremony of the bipartisan infrastructure bill appeared to skip Harris’ turn to speak, instead introducing union political activist Heather Kurtenbach as the vice president waited awkwardly at the podium.

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In front of the scenes, Harris has sparked multiple controversies during her public appearances as vice president. Earlier this month, she was ridiculed after appearing to imitate a French accent while speaking to French scientists during a tour of a Parisian lab.

And that’s far from all:

In October, Harris was featured in a space-themed video — the first in a YouTube series entitled “Get Curious with Vice President Harris” — that was heavily criticized online for the veep’s animated performance as well as the fact that child actors were used in its production.

In September, Harris sparked criticism after she nodded along while a student accused Israel of “ethnic genocide.” Harris responded by saying the student’s “truth should not be suppressed” during an event at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

Days earlier, Harris compared the behavior of Customs and Border Protection agents pictured on horseback corralling Haitian migrants away from the U.S. border with the historical treatment of slaves and Indigenous Americans.

One can only imagine that Harris will continue to put her foot into her mouth with an increasing frequency as she spends ever more time with the unstoppably nonsensical Joe Biden.

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