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Schaftlein Report

Russia Attacks Ukraine | Schaftlein Report

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Russia Attacks Ukraine | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Jeffrey Dunetz – LidBlog Author ( )
1) Russia hits Airfields, takes control of Kyiv airport – Invasion from North, South and East
2) Ruble plunges to record low, Russian stock market crashes 40% – $70B in losses
3) Oil over $100 per barrel
4) 27% of Americans expect U.S. to play Major role in the conflict – 52% play a Minor role – 20% No role
5) Under Obama Russia annexed Crimea, Under Biden there is war in Ukraine – Peace under Trump
6) Former National Security Advisor to Trump Rick Grenell casts blame squarely on shoulders of President Biden, Secretary Blinken and Deputy Secretary Wendy Sherman – Blame also goes to Angela Merkel of Germany for Russian dependence on energy by Germany
7) Trump, DeSantis, Pompeo and Cruz to headline CPAC
8) DeSantis, Rubio and Abbott lead by wide margins in race for Governor and Senate
9) Jobless claims fall to 232K and Continuing claims at 1.48M are the lowest since 1970 – The labor market remains tight
10) Stock market rallies off a 3% down day

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