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Russia Destroying Global Wheat Supply in Ukraine

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With nearly the entirety of the world now turned against them, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is growing ever more desperate.

Not only is the Kremlin’s military resorting to terrorism, rape, and potentially even chemical weapons, but they’re also kidnapping tens of thousands of Ukrainian children.

Now, in what may be one of the first acts of global sabotage committed in Ukraine, it appears as though Russia is taking aim at the world’s supply of wheat.

As the entire world edges toward a period of serious food instability, Russian armed forces have been actively targetting wheat stocks in Ukraine for destruction, an EU official has claimed.

Russian military assets have been actively targeting and destroying stocks of wheat in Ukraine — one of the world’s largest producers of grains — during a period when the world needs it most, an EU official has claimed.

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The news was alarming to experts.

Josep Borrell, the European Union’s Foreign Affairs Tsar, made the claim shortly after a meeting of foreign ministers from across the bloc partially aimed at implementing even more sanctions against Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

According to a report by Euronews, Borrell said that the Russian forces had not only been blockading Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea, preventing food exports from the invaded country, which is responsible for a vast amount of the world’s wheat supply, but are also going so far as to actively target and destroy stockpiles of the much-needed resource.

“They are bombing Ukrainian cities and provoking hunger in the world,” Borrell is reported as saying.

“They are provoking hunger in the world by blocking the exports of wheat and by destroying the storage of wheat in Ukraine,” the foreign affairs chief continued.

Others in the industry have suggested that Russia is blocking Ukrainian ports during the invasion, which has completely halted the export of wheat from the embattled nation.

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