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Russia Issues Symbolic 'Travel Ban' Against US Diplomats

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The world has turned on Russia, and with aplomb.  The nation’s illegal and immoral invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing war crimes therein have created an atmosphere of disdain toward the Kremlin, the likes of which the world hasn’t truly witnessed in decades.

For his part, Vladimir Putin appears to be experiencing some combination of ignorance and belligerence that both dumbfounds and angers the good people of this planet.

Now, despite Russia becoming a “nation non-grata” on the world’s stage, the Kremlin is feigning outrage and operating as though they’ve been surprised in some way by the sanctions that they brought upon themselves.

The Russian foreign ministry announced Thursday that it’s sanctioning more than two dozen U.S. citizens, including Vice President Kamala Harris, by denying them entry to the country.

The ministry said in a statement that the move comes in response to “ever-expanding anti-Russian sanctions” brought by the Biden administration that have targeted Moscow officials and their families, as well as scientists, businessmen and cultural figures.

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Several high profile folks were on the list.

Several U.S. officials are on the list of 29 citizens that have been banned from traveling to Russia, including White House chief of staff Ronald Klain, Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Holland Hicks, Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby, State Department spokesperson Ned Price and Doug Emhoff, Harris’ husband.

This is just the latest diplomatic dirge from Vladimir Putin, whose invasion of Ukraine has been an abject failure thus far.

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