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RUSSIA ON THE RUN: Troops Dropping Rifles and Fleeing Ukraine's Counteroffensive

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From the onset of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it has been rather apparent that Moscow’s military wasn’t quite as mighty as we had been led to believe.  In fact, an inordinate amount of desertions and surrenders marked the early days of the war, with troops being videotaped crying while speaking to their mothers on the phone by the opportunistic Ukrainians.

Now, after a careful period of preparation, the Ukrainian army has launched an extraordinary counteroffensive, and it has their Russian counterparts running scared.

Russian soldiers dropped their rifles and fled villages disguised as locals after Ukraine recaptured hundreds of square miles of territory in the Kharkiv region, multiple reports said Sunday.

Ukrainian forces, backed by increasingly powerful Western weapons, have recaptured the majority of the eastern Kharkiv region in a surprise counteroffensive.

Much of the region had been occupied by Russian troops since their initial offensive began in February, which brought them within a few kilometers of key cities like Kharkiv and Kyiv.

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Russia simply wasn’t ready for the rebuke.

The pace of the counterattack caught Russian soldiers off guard, residents in Zaliznychne, a tiny village 37 miles east of Kharkiv, told The Washington Post.

Ukraine has indicated that they seek to retake all of the areas controlled by the Russians, including Crimea, which Moscow annexed back in 2014.

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