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Russia Takes Aim at Lithuania After Transportation Blockade

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Perhaps one of the most infuriating international components of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is the Kremlin’s complete and utter belligerence when it comes to their actions.

Vladimir Putin and his cronies have done nothing but spout egregious and erroneous reasoning for what they are doing in Ukraine, (which the international body-politic believes is “genocide”), and they’ve been offensively feigning anger when the rest of the world calls them out on it.

Now, as Lithuania takes steps to roil Russia’s war machine, the Kremlin is beginning to rage again.

Russia warned NATO member Lithuania on Monday that unless the transit of goods to Russia’s Kaliningrad exclave on the Baltic Sea was swiftly restored then Moscow would take undisclosed measures to defend its national interests.

With east-west relations at a half-century low over Russia’s Feb. 24 invasion of Ukraine, Vilnius banned the transit of goods sanctioned by the European Union through Lithuanian territory to and from the exclave, citing EU sanction rules.

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Russia’s foreign ministry summoned Lithuania’s top envoy in Moscow to deliver a protest while the Kremlin said the situation was beyond serious.

And then, in a statement so bland that it defies the cunning nature we formerly bestowed on the Kremlin:

“The situation is more than serious,” Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told reporters. “This decision is really unprecedented. It’s a violation of everything.”

Of course, Russia may simply be airing out their bark with no intention of biting, as any attack on a NATO member nation would bring Hell on earth to Moscow and beyond.

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