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Russia-Ukraine War About to Have Third Nation Involved?

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As it stands today, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is very much between those two nations, and those two nation only.

Well, at least on paper.

In reality, there are massive amount of foreign resources being expended in Europe’s leading eastern edge, including billions upon billions of dollars being spent by the administration of US President Joe Biden.

But now, as Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin continues to falter in Ukraine, he desperation has become unavoidable and turbulent, and it appears as though he’s cooking up a plan to bring one of his puppet-allies into the mix to try and save face.

There are fears Belarus may be looking for an excuse to formally join the war on Ukraine after it accused Kyiv of planning to attack them.

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According to Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, their ambassador in the Belarusian capital of Minsk, Ihor Kyzym, was summoned by Belarus’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and presented with a diplomatic note accusing Ukraine of “planning an attack on the territory of Belarus.”

Ukraine quickly tried to set the record straight.

“This information does not correspond to reality,” the Ukrainians insisted in an official statement published in English.

“We categorically reject yet another insinuation of the Belarusian regime,” they added, warning that they “do not rule out that the handing over of the diplomatic note may be part of the plan of the Russian Federation to carry out a provocation to further accuse Ukraine.”

Putin’s ability to control Belarus, along with his rapidly depleted list of option in Ukraine, have many geopolitical experts believing that this Belarusian course of action was actually cooked up in the Kremlin.

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