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Russian Military Officers Too Afraid of Ukraine to Sign New Contracts

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In Ukraine, an improbable story is taking shape, and it will bring with it a humiliating new global hierarchy for the Russian government.

The sovereign nation, that Vladimir Putin believed that he could topple in 72 hours or less, have spent the last seven months beating the pants off of Kremlin’s fighting force.  This week it was revealed that Ukraine’s counteroffensive was so effective that many troops not only dropped their rifles and simply ran away, but that the Russian military had been pushed all the way back to their own border.

Now, as this morass of morale spreads, Russian officers are simply too frightened to fight the Ukrainians and are refusing to sign their military contracts.

The Ukrainian government says demoralized Russian support officers are refusing to sign up to fight against a weekslong counteroffensive by Ukrainian forces that has reportedly pushed Russian forces back to the countries’ shared border.

In a Tuesday Facebook post, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine claimed the Russian military’s current shortage of tactical commanders is due to the refusal of reserve officers to sign contracts to return to the front amid the Ukrainian military’s reported battlefield success.

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The embarrassing reality of the situation became rather apparent this week.

“The level of moral and psychological condition of the opponent’s personal composition continues to decrease,” the general staff said in the statement. “The practice of self-calling is increasingly widespread among the occupiers to get treatment in a medical facility and avoid participating in combat in Ukraine. A large part of the military personnel do not return to the military units after the end of their vacation period.”

The Ukrainian’s recent gains have led Kyiv to suggest that they won’t stop at retaking Russia’s advances from seven months ago, but from eight years ago as well, with the forceful re-annexation of Crimea now on the table.


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