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Russian Missiles Strike Dangerously Close to Europe's Largest Nuke Plant

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As the fighting in Ukraine continues, there are new fears that a nuclear disaster could be just over the horizon.

Russia, who has a rather alarming history of nuclear trouble, is now shelling the area near the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, as international observers continue to urge both sides of the war to cease fighting in the area immediately.

Russian rockets and artillery strikes hit areas across a river from the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine, officials said Sunday, heightening fears of radiation leaks and possible catastrophe.

Zaporizhzhia, Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, was captured by Moscow soon after the war began six months ago. Russia also holds adjacent territory along the left bank of the wide Dnieper River, while Ukraine maintains control of the right bank, including two cities, Nikopol and Marhanets, which are each about six miles from the plant.

Periodic blasts have damaged the power station’s infrastructure, according to Ukraine’s nuclear power operator.

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“There are risks of hydrogen leakage and sputtering of radioactive substances, and the fire hazard is high,” Energoatom said Saturday.

The risk of trouble appeared very real.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba claimed the entire continent is at risk over Russia turning the plant into a military base.

“For decades, nuclear safety has remained Ukraine’s top priority, especially given our tragic past. Russian invaders turned Zaporizhzhya NPP into a military base putting the entire continent at risk,” he said on Twitter. “Russian military must get out of the plant — they have nothing to do there!”

A nuclear disaster at Zaporizhzhia would affect nearly a dozen nations, and would almost certainly bring the international community much closer to intervening against Russia’s unprovoked and illegal invasion.

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