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Explosion Strikes NATO Nation, Sparking Article 5 Speculation

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[UPDATE 11/16/2022:  Poland is now suggesting that the incident was caused by a Soviet-era projectile, launched by Ukraine, in an attempt to defend against a Russian missile barrage.]

The world at large has been rather agitated of late, particularly in the direction of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his thinly-veiled genocide of the Ukrainian people.

Putin’s thugs have been committing atrocity after atrocity in Ukraine.  Rape, torture, mass slaying of civilians and children.  Forced deportation to “filtration camps”.  You know:  All the things that the world promised never to stand by and watch happen again.

But Putin found a way to keep the world at bay, by pitting himself against NATO and then using nuclear threats to keep interlopers away.

Now, after Russian missiles appear to have struck Poland, a NATO member nation, all bets are off.

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Russian missiles flew over NATO territory and killed two people in Poland on Tuesday, a senior U.S. intelligence official told the Associated Press.

The Polish government has not immediately confirmed the report, but one spokesman, Piotr Muller, told the publication that top leaders were holding an emergency meeting over the “crisis situation.”

Two people were reportedly killed after a projectile struck an area where grain was drying in the village of Przewodów, near the Ukrainian border.

The incident immediately conjured intense discussions about the possibility of invoking article 5 of the NATO Charter, which states that an attack on any member nation shall be regarded as an attack on all member nations.

This could give the western world the cover they would need to step in and put an end to Putin’s genocidal invasion, should NATO decide to act.

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