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Russian Navy Insulates Ukraine from NATO, Outside Forces

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The world has long understood that Russia was set to invade Ukraine.  Vladimir Putin’s constant, over-acted denials were merely the icing on the cake of deception.

But now, as Russia decides to simply invent two new nations, (and then send their troops in there on a “peacekeeping” mission), there is no longer any plausible deniability:  The world’s most major conflict has now commenced in Eastern Europe, and it will become the world’s problem sooner rather than later.

But Russia, understanding fully-well that the global community wouldn’t stand for this, has insulated Ukraine from outside interference by positioning their enormous naval armada in strategic locations.

The Russian Navy’s build-up in the Black Sea now appears largely complete. More warships may arrive in the next few days, but the core is already in place. Russia has deployed key naval assets, thousands of miles from their bases in the Arctic and Pacific, to positions near Ukraine.

Outside the Black Sea, in the Mediterrean, more naval forces are ready. These can be viewed as an outer layer of defense, primarily against NATO involvement.

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And that wasn’t all:

Russia’s Black Sea Fleet has been bolstered by amphibious landing ships and combatants from the Arctic, Baltic, Pacific and Caspian. Earlier this month six amphibious landing ships, normally based in the Arctic and Baltic Seas, also moved to the Black Sea.

Some units, including missile corvettes and landing ships, have recently moved to the Sea of Azov. This restricted, shallow, body of water places them adjacent to the city of Mariupol in the Donetsk region.

There are fears that this invasion of Ukraine could very well lead to World War III, particularly as Moscow’s media mouthpieces continue to threaten any interlopers with nuclear war.

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