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Russian Official Warns Western Nation is 'Too Deep' in Ukraine Conflict

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Russia is feeling a great deal of global pressure these days, all thanks to their illegal and inhumane invasion of Ukraine – a conflict that began under the false guise of “de-nazification”, and quickly turned to outright genocide.

And so, of course the rest of the world is involved.  We are watching barbarians sent by a tyrant to rape, torture, and murder their way through a sovereign, free nation.  The sheer brutality has not only received a great deal of attention in the western world, but forced Russian President Vladimir Putin to suggest that any interference in his evil plans could result in an all out global war…complete with nuclear weapons.

This week, one of Moscow’s highest ranking officials took their rhetoric to the next level, and directly threatened one of Ukraine’s NATO allies.

Russia’s ambassador to the United Kingdom has warned that Britain is “too deep” in the Ukraine war, bringing the NATO member “up to the line” of “no return” in terms of a possible conflict with Moscow.

In an interview with Sky News, the Russian ambassador to the Court of St. James’s, as ambassadors to the British royal court are formally known, claimed that evidence that the British military assisted a Ukrainian drone attack on his country’s Black Sea Fleet and was involved in blowing up the Nord Stream gas pipelines to Germany would become public “pretty soon”, and had already been passed to the British government.

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His rhetoric was unmistakable.

“It is dangerous because it escalates the situation,” Ambassador Andrey Kelin said of Britain’s involvement in the Russo-Ukrainian war, which has arguably been going on since Russia’s intervention in the Euromaidan coup of 2014 but has certainly had the character of a full-blown war since February 2022, when Russian forces invaded Ukraine from the north, east, and south.

“It can bring us up to the line of I would say no return, return is always possible. But anyway, we should avoid escalation,” Yelin added, somewhat cryptically.

“And this is a warning actually that Britain is too deep in this conflict. It means the situation is becoming more and more dangerous.”

Of course, any strike against Britain would surely instigate World War III, and there is little chance that Russia could survive such a conflict.

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