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Russian POW's Threaten to 'Rise Up' Against Putin Upon Return to Russia

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There are plenty of ways in which we can tell that the Russia invasion of Ukraine is not going according to the Kremlin’s plan, and the most significant signal we have of the chaos is coming from Russian troops themselves.

Those captured in Ukraine, (many of whom were in some form of desertion ahead of their capture), have consistently stated that they were duped into invading Ukraine.  They were told that Kyiv had fallen to Nazis and that they would be welcomed as liberators by the Ukrainians.

Fast forward two weeks and the Russia military is beginning to look depleted and despaired.   Those in custody of the Ukrainians are furious as to how they’ve been used by Vladimir Putin, and are now threatening the Russian President directly.

“I want to tell our commander-in-chief to stop terror acts in Ukraine because when we come back we’ll rise against him.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin “has given orders to commit crimes. It’s not just to demilitarize Ukraine or defeat the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but now cities of peaceful civilians are being destroyed.”

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“The crimes that we committed; we all will be judged.”

These are the voices of Russian prisoners of war now held by Ukraine.

And as for the lies about “nazis” commanding Ukraine…

Maxim, an officer and fighter-bomber pilot, did most of the talking. He looked bruised and very pale but spoke lucidly in the tone of a professional soldier. CNN is using only the first names of the prisoners of war for their own protection.

He said he had only received his “secret combat order” the day before Putin announced the “special military operation” against Ukraine.

The pilots were asked what they thought about Putin’s claims that Ukraine was run by neo-Nazis.

“I think it was invented as a pretext and is something that the world cannot understand,” Maxim said. “But Putin and his circle need this in order to achieve their own objectives. One such step was that it would be beneficial for them to spread disinformation about fascism and Nazism.”

“We didn’t see any Nazis or fascists. Russians and Ukrainians can communicate in the same language, so we see the good (in these people),” Maxim said.

Experts have stated that Russia will need to have a major, decisive victory in Ukraine within a matter of 10-14 days, or else their military could simply “buckle”.

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