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Russian Soldiers Now Castrating Ukrainian POW's

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The sheer horror of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been taken up a notch this week, after a shocking piece of video evidence has emerged depicting war crimes and atrocities that are beyond the pale.

War is Hell, this is as true as it ever has been.  And war with a failing and flailing Russian army is a particularly fraught situation, as the Kremlin’s fighting force increasingly turns to terror and genocide to make headway.

Now, amid the 15,000+ war crimes investigations already underway, an unforgivable and unholy new set of accusations have come to the surface.

A video that purportedly shows a Ukrainian prisoner of war being mutilated by a Russian soldier has caused outrage.

The clip, posted on a pro-Russian account on Telegram, shows a man in a Ukrainian uniform with his hands tied behind his back pinned down, while a man in a Russian uniform and a black hat uses what look like bolt cutters to apparently castrate him.

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Newsweek has not independently verified the footage but The Times of London’s assistant foreign editor, Maxim Tucker, has tweeted that the video is “genuine” according to the investigative website Bellingcat.

Russia’s standing in the world has already taken a severe hit on account of their barbarism in Ukraine, and this latest incident may see them more deeply

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