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Russian Soldiers' Phone Calls Describe Order to 'Kill Everyone We See'

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Vladimir Putin has made many a suggestion about his reasons for invading Ukraine some 8 months ago, but the world wasn’t buying any of them.

These excuses were so desperate and downright dumb that the Kremlin even suggested that the Ukrainian government had been infested with Nazis who were looking to do harm to Russia.  Of course, it should be noted that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is both Jewish and a descendant of Holocaust victims.

Captured Russian soldiers earlier suggested that they were sent to Ukraine in order to commit “genocide”, and a recently intercepted phone calls from the invading forces seem to reiterate that position.

Stunning audio intercepted by Ukrainian law enforcement of Russian soldiers calling home reveals potential evidence of war crimes and the rank and file’s pure contempt for Vladimir Putin.

In the shocking audio obtained by The New York Times, the soldiers paint a truly dire picture of their circumstance and rage against the man responsible for putting them there.

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The candid call was chilling.

“I’ve never seen so many corpses in my f***ing life,” added a soldier named Sergey. “It’s just completely f***ed.”

And then:

In one call to his girlfriend, Sergey said that he’d been given an order to kill civilians.

“They told us that, where we’re going, there’s a lot of civilians walking around,” he said. “And they gave us the order to kill everyone we see. … they might give away our positions. That’s what we’re f***ing going to do, it seems. Kill any civilian that walks by and drag them into the forest.… I’ve already become a murderer. That’s why I don’t want to kill any more people, especially ones I will have to look in the eyes.”

The Russians are already facing tens of thousands of accusations of war crimes, and the European Union appears to be getting rather serious about an international tribunal on the subject.

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