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Russian Theater Bombing Kills 300 Innocent Ukrainians

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine isn’t complicated, that’s for sure.  At least, it’s certainly not as complex as Vladimir Putin has been trying to make it out to be, as his ever-revolving excuses as to why he sent unprepared and unwilling troops into the sovereign nation have devolved into pure gibberish.

You see, this isn’t about “de-nazification” or some threat that the Kremlin felt.  No, this is pure lunacy and genocide, and the war crimes being committed there speak for themselves.

About 300 people may have died from last week’s bombing of the drama theater in Mariupol, Ukraine, city officials said on Friday, calling Russia a terrorist state for its actions.

The landmark theater had become a place of refuge from the war, with hundreds of people gathered in the building and its bomb shelter. At least 130 people survived the bombing, as work crews searched for chambers in the ruins of the theater.

But in an update on the city council’s Telegram channel, officials said witnesses are now reporting that around 300 people died in the March 16 catastrophe.

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This is the same theater mentioned by US Secretary of State Antoni Blinken as he officially declared Putin’s actions a war crime, as the Ukrainians sheltered inside had labeled the space with the Russian word for “children” in letters large enough to be seen by the Kremlin’s targeting systems.


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