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Russian Troops Firing at Nuke Reactor in Kharkiv

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The indiscriminate and ugly work of the barely-competent Russian army has turned terrifying this week, as new reports about of Kharkiv suggest that troops are now taking aim in an extremely dangerous new way.

Sources are now suggesting that Russian military members are firing directly at a nuclear reactor in the besieged city.

Russian forces have fired rockets at a physics institute in Kharkiv, which contains nuclear material and a reactor, Ukraine’s national security service has claimed.

The strike on the nuclear facility comes on the eleventh day of the invasion and the security service said it risks a “large-scale ecological disaster”.

It claimed that Moscow’s forces are firing missiles from truck-mounted “Grad” launchers, which do not have precise targeting, raising concerns that one would go astray.

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The shelling could lead to serious trouble.

The Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology houses a nuclear research facility called Neutron Source, in the active zone of which 37 nuclear fuel cells are said to be loaded.

Russian troops were also quick to commandeer the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site early in the invasion of Ukraine, leading many to wonder if there is perhaps a strategic imperative at play here.

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