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Russians Begin Fleeing Crimea as Ukraine's Counteroffensive Gets Underway

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It’s no secret that Russia has bitten off more than they can chew in Ukraine, as evidenced by their shift into terrorism and genocide where their military maneuvering has miserably failed.

This new, ugly, ungodly version of war has been raging for months, stalled out in cities like Kherson and others.

Now, after some deft work by the Ukrainian military, a massive counteroffensive is beginning to take shape, and it has Russians in some long-annexed regions of Ukraine growing nervous.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine, shared intelligence that Russian occupiers have already started fleeing Crimea and stated that this was the right decision.

Zelenskyy did not mince his words.

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“I believe that the Ukrainian flag and freedom will return to Crimea. We will liberate all of our lands and all of our people.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine, our intelligence and special services, have already taken the necessary steps to make this possible. These steps echo throughout the land. Everyone should be aware that the occupiers have already started fleeing Crimea. This is the right choice for all of them.”

Ukraine had previously suggested that they would be looking to retake all of Ukraine from Russian control, including Crimea, which was annexed illegally by the Kremlin back in 2014.

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