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Russians Open Fire on American Journalists, Killing One

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The world is continuing to implore the US and NATO to get more directly involved in protecting Ukraine from Russia’s ongoing invasion, but those requests have fallen largely on deaf ear.

The west fears that head-to-head combat with the Russians, (or even some of the proposed proxy conflicts), would be considered far too aggressive for the unstable Vladimir Putin.  The Russian President has already, on several occasions, threatened the world with nuclear war should there be any interference with his plans, and the US has kept their distance on account of that.

But now that an American journalist has died in the conflict, the possibility of western interference may have just become significantly more likely.

Brent Renaud, an acclaimed filmmaker who traveled to some of the darkest and most dangerous corners of the world for documentaries that transported audiences to little-known places of suffering, died Sunday after Russian forces opened fire on his vehicle in Ukraine.

The 50-year-old Little Rock, Arkansas, native was gathering material for a report about refugees when his vehicle was hit at a checkpoint in Irpin, just outside the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. Ukraine’s Interior Ministry said the area has sustained intense shelling by Russian forces in recent days.

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The incident was chaotic, to say the least.

The details of Renaud’s death were not made immediately clear by Ukrainian authorities, but American journalist Juan Arredondo said the two were traveling in a vehicle toward the Irpin checkpoint when they were both shot. Arredondo, speaking from a hospital in Kyiv, told Italian journalist Annalisa Camilli that Renaud was hit in the neck. Camilli told the AP that Arredondo himself had been hit in the lower back.

“We crossed the first bridge in Irpin, we were going to film other refugees leaving, and we got into a car, somebody offered to take us to the other bridge, we crossed the checkpoint, and they started shooting at us,” Arredondo told Camilli in a video interview shared with the AP.

Renaud is the first American journalist to have been killed during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and there is little doubt that his death could spark another international outcry for an end of this madness by any means necessary.


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