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Russians Rage After Ukraine DECIMATES Troops in Missile Strike

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Another day, another story about Russian troops having an ostensibly bad time in Ukraine.

For over ten months now, the Russian army has been getting their derrieres handed to them in Ukraine, despite Putin and the Kremlin’s estimation that it would take between 13 and 72 hours for Kyiv to fall under Moscow’s control.

Russia has been unable to right the proverbial ship even in the slightest, and this week saw one of the deadliest mass casualty events for the Kremlin’s troops so far.

Russia acknowledged on Monday that scores of its troops were killed in one of the Ukraine war’s deadliest strikes, drawing demands from Russian nationalist bloggers for commanders to be punished for housing soldiers alongside an ammunition dump.

Russia’s defence ministry said 63 soldiers had died in the fiery blast which destroyed a temporary barracks in a former vocational college in Makiivka, twin city of the Russian-occupied regional capital of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine.

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It said the accommodation had been hit by four rockets fired from U.S.-made HIMARS launchers, claiming two rockets had been shot down. Kyiv said the Russian death toll was in the hundreds, though pro-Russian officials called this an exaggeration.

To add insult to injury, it appears as though Russia had made a wildly ignorant mistake that lead to enhanced devastation.

Russian military bloggers said the huge destruction was a result of storing ammunition in the same building as a barracks, despite commanders knowing it was within range of Ukrainian rockets.

The one-sided war has emboldened Ukraine’s military a great deal, with many now suggesting that they could take back Crimea before it’s all said done.

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