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Russia's Nuke Fetish Returns as State TV Predicts 'Everyone Dies'

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Russia’s nuclear obsession gives off the sort of vibes of a guy who’s just a little too obsessed with this jacked-up pickup truck or his tuned-out import.  It just feels like, you know, they’re compensating for some serious insecurities.

And so when Vladimir Putin and his media minions obsess over the country’s nuclear arsenal, it feels like they’re doing so to shield themselves from the bitter truth that Moscow’s military might is nothing by a myth – a fact demonstrated week after week of over the last several months of their invasion of Ukraine.

This week, this compensatory fetish took another turn for the worse as state television anchors began openly fantasizing about the end of the world.

Russian state media are saying nuclear war appears to be “a given” and “everyone will be destroyed” if the West “pushes us into a corner”.

One propagandist even suggested Western countries are the nuclear aggressors, when in reality it has only been Vladimir Putin ramping up nuclear rhetoric since the onset of the Ukraine war.

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Another warned “taboos” associated with nuclear attacks “could be lifted in certain circumstances” by Russia.

The exchanges among commentators on Russian state TV were captured and translated by Julia Davis, a Russian media analyst.

Sigmund Freud would have had a field day with these folks.

The message was clearly troubling:

 In an impassioned broadside against the West, another propagandist, Olga Skabeeva, suggested Russia is the victim of Western aggression: “We will not allow the destruction of our country. If you’re trying to destroy us, you will be destroyed along with us.

“What should we do to avoid the nuclear war, or is it already a given? It certainly seems that way. If they don’t stop it will become a reality.”

Skabeeva, who said earlier this week Moscow should have bombed the UK during the Queen’s state funeral, added: “Push us into a corner, everyone will be destroyed. Is that what they’re trying to achieve?

“Putin said it so succinctly, so clearly. We aren’t threatening war… we don’t want a nuclear winter or nuclear war. But if you declare that we will be destroyed, we will have to destroy you.”

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Perhaps this is just the sort of nihilistic world view that you develop after living under the tyranny of Vladimir Putin for two decades, or perhaps this is a prophetic plea to the planet that this madman must be stopped at all costs.

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