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Salvation Army Bell Ringer ATTACKS SHOPPERS...The Reason is INSANE!

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We are just a week away from Christmas, a time of year that often conjures up images of family, friends, and loved ones gather in a home, exchanging gifts and reminiscing on holidays past.

This is kinder, gentler time of year for many of us.  We work a bit less, we loosen the purse strings, and we indulge; in good food, good company, and the goodness of our fellow man.

For shoppers at on Walmart store, however, the Christmas holiday will always remind them of the time that a Salvation Army representative, high on PCP, attacked shoppers.

A Salvation Army bell ringer is likely to face criminal charges after he allegedly ingested PCP and assaulted a customer outside a Walmart.

The incident happened Dec. 12, in Germantown.

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Officers were called to the store after 40-year-old David Kelley allegedly stopped collecting donations and licked vials that appeared to contain oil.

Moments later, Kelley had seemingly lost his mind.

Shoppers reported that he began shouting, cursing, and acting strangely before ultimately punching one shopper in the face after an altercation.


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