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San Francisco Offering $5,000 To Small Businesses. The Catch Is ‘Women-Owned, Immigrant-Owned, People-Of-Color Owned’ Are Being Prioritized



The city of San Francisco is bound and determined to keep on helping divide the country by race with their new attempt at helping to relief the economic burden of the coronavirus shutdown, proving once again how totally stupid the radical left really is.

The city is offering $5,000 grants to small businesses that have been wrecked by lockdowns, which is a great idea. Except for the part where most of the cash being distributed is being used as a means to help the city reach its “equity goals.”

This means ““minority-owned businesses including women-owned, immigrant-owned, people of color-owned businesses,” and companies and businesses in certain “cultural districts” are being prioritized above everyone else.

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Creating protected classes of individuals and giving them more rights than others based on skin color is a form of racism, but hey, what do I know, right?

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via Daily Wire:

In December, San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced new measures to help small businesses, among which was a Shared Spaces equity grant for those with a Shared Space permit. In a press release on December 7, Breed stated:

Locally owned businesses that either hold or have applied for a Shared Spaces permit are eligible to receive up to $5,000 in reimbursement from the City, which will help businesses that have been forced to close outdoor operations as a result of the recent Stay at Home Order and prepare for an eventual reopening. Up to $1 million in funding comes from the Shared Spaces Equity Grants Program, which prioritizes minority-owned businesses and businesses that advance the City’s equity goals. … Priority for the Shared Spaces Equity Grants is given to locally-owned, minority-owned businesses that advance the City’s equity goals, including women-owned businesses, immigrant-owned businesses, legacy businesses, and businesses in established cultural districts or that serve a largely minority clientele.

As San Francisco News reported, “Robin Abad Ocubillo, the Director of Shared Spaces, indicated the grant is for businesses that are ‘based on availability of funds and given to locally-owned, minority-owned businesses that advance the City’s equity goals, including women-owned businesses, immigrant-owned businesses, legacy businesses, and businesses in established cultural districts or that serve a largely minority clientele.’”

The city’s official website says the following:

pply for a Shared Spaces equity grant. Use grant funds for technical assistance or materials. Check if your business is eligible. You must have a Shared Spaces permit or have applied for a Shared Spaces permit. We are looking to support businesses that:

  • Are in established cultural districts, or cultural districts in the process of formation
  • Are legacy businesses, or those acquiring legacy status
  • Serve non-English speaking communities
  • Are minority-owned businesses including women-owned, immigrant-owned, people of color-owned businesses

You must be the Shared Spaces permit holder to fill out the application.

We will ask you about:

  • Your business or organization location
  • The type of services or materials you want to be reimbursed for
  • The total cost of your Shared Space (including materials, labor, and consulting)

For individual businesses, we will also ask:

  • Your business owner contact and demographic information
  • Your type of business
  • Number of full-time and part-time employees

This is what happens when political correctness and identity politics are the foundation of a government’s way of dealing with people in crisis. No one should be receiving special treatment due to the color of their skin.

That goes against everything we as a nation believe about fairness. The city of San Francisco needs to be granting as many businesses as possible the funds necessary to survive.

Those businesses should be chosen based on an objective criteria that does not include race.


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