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Sarah Sanders Goes Nuclear, Drops Massive Truth Bomb on Mainstream Media

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Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is a force to be reckoned with, which is a lesson reporters in the mainstream media recently learned the hard way after she completely destroyed them over the kinds of stories they cover on a daily basis.

In case you haven’t noticed, President Trump has a penchant for hiring folks for his administration who share his enthusiasm for boldly speaking the truth in the plainest words possible.

There’s little doubt Sanders’ statement left a massive burn on journalists everywhere.

“Frankly, you have the ability to choose what you want to write about, and you guys choose to write about things the American people don’t care about — day in and day out. That’s a decision you make, and frankly, I think it’s the wrong one,” she told reporters covering the White House daily briefing on Monday.

Sanders’ comments followed another inane question by a “journalist.” While President Trump has now been in office for more than 500 days — and this topic has come up on nearly every one of them since he took the oath — the reporter asked: “Has anyone in this administration ever asked the president — last week, you had, on your agenda — you had an agenda where you have more jobs coming out — I mean, lower unemployment coming, and you also had — the Second Chance Act, I think it was. And instead of those, we had to respond to presidential tweets. Has anybody ever in this administration asked him to back away from Twitter just for a day?”

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The mainstream media does decide each day what to cover, and often, they skew the news to fit their desires. CNN’s website, at the moment this article was published, featured a top story headlined: “Trump’s Appalling Statement on the Eagles.” In tiny print underneath was the word “analysis” — which nowadays means straight-up opinion.

While Trump has been busy of late making some incredible news — on Iran, on North Korea, on China, as well as the economy— the MSM has decided to focus on some really stupid and pointless topics.

And the ridiculousness doesn’t end there. Not by a mile.

How about the time CNN dedicate an entire story to a claim made by Trump’s doctor that he, the president, wrote his own health letter? The network sent one of it’s top journalists to cover this story and attempt to convince John Q. Public why he should give a flip about a former physician of Trump’s.

Back in April, NewsBusters analyzed transcripts of CNN broadcasts and discovered that over a four day period there were 77 mentions of a claim about Trump once paying for prostitutes to urinate on each other, despite the fact this claim was never proven to be true. Yet, that didn’t stop them from talking about it nonstop, even though it was only a rumor with no substantiated evidence.

As you can see, the mainstream media is as corrupt as it gets and the awesome part about both Trump and Sanders is that they are not shy at all about busting their chops and putting them back in their place, something that’s desperately needed this day and age.

Source: The Daily Wire

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