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SCANDALOUS: Look Who's Name Jame Comey Scrubbed From Report on Hillary

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It seems the controversy surrounding the FBI and their investigation into the use of a private email server by Hillary Clinton just keeps getting deeper and deeper. This is thanks in large part to a new report from the Department of Justice Inspector General.

All kinds of bombshells have come out in this report, including the fact that Comey himself conducted FBI business using a private email account. However, it seems we’re still at the beginning of the revelations to surface from the report.

Now it seems, Comey scrubbed Obama’s name from his report on Hillary. Things are not looking good for this guy right about now.

Thanks for a Friday night news dump last September, we knew that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was emailing back-and-forth with President Obama using her private email address routed through her homebrew server. Don’t worry about national security, though: Obama used a pseudonym that not even Huma Abedin knew, so it was all very secure.

That fact came up Thursday with the release of the OIG report, but with a new twist: according to the report, Clinton “used her private email extensively while outside the United States, including from the territory of sophisticated adversaries,” but the fact that she was corresponding with the president was scrubbed from James Comey’s exoneration. Instead, references to Obama were changed to “another senior government official” … and then even that bit was dropped from the final draft.

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And the media still expects us to believe Obama was a “scandal free” president with a straight face? Yeah, don’t think that’s going to happen.

The former president was corrupt well before this information was discovered, having allowed the IRS to target people based on their political beliefs and doing next to nothing to fix the VA, allowing many of our nation’s bravest soldiers to die from lack of care.

Who knows what else we’re going to find out about Comey and the FBI in the coming days and weeks?

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