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SCARED: Putin to Miss G20 Summit Over Assassination Fears

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It has become rather obvious to international observers that things are not going well for Russia at the moment.  They’ve bitten off more than they can chew in Ukraine, (which surprised a great deal of the world at large), and their near-constant failures during this invasion have shattered the myth of Moscow’s military might.

Furthermore, the genocide being conducted by his troops has put a target on Vladimir Putin’s back, and it’s now keeping him from attending some of the world’s most important diplomatic summits.

HUMILIATED Vladimir Putin will miss the G20 summit because he fears being assassinated, according to one pro-Kremlin commentator.

Sergey Markov said Putin is snubbing next week’s G20 summit in Bali over concerns he’ll be taken out by his critics.

Markov didn’t mince his words.

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Posting hours after Russian troops were forced into a humiliating retreat in Kherson, Markov wrote: “1) There is a big possibility of an assassination attempt on Putin from the special services of the US, Britain and Ukraine.

“2) A possibility of humiliating situations. For example, some disabled social activist knocks Putin down – as if accidentally – and all world media splash a picture with a caption ‘President of Russia is down on all fours’.

“I am certain this kind of situation is being planned by some completely mad Westerners.

“3. After defeat in Kherson, Russia’s status as a great state is questionable. They will be putting pressure on, and demand soft capitulation.”

Putin’s bizarre behavior of late has been partially attributed to health concerns surrounding the Russian leader, with some insiders suggesting that he’s not only suffering from Parkinson’s disease, but that he’s also received a terminal cancer diagnosis as well.

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