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Schaftlein Report

Schaftlein Report: 2022 Midterms Can’t Come Fast Enough

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1) Jim Jordan – “Votes are there to oust Liz Cheney” – Why is the Media all of a sudden praising Cheney? You know why!
2) NJ police officer fired for calling BLM terrorists – Some, not all of them act like terrorist – What happened to FREE SPEECH?
3) TX and AX Governors – Have had NO contact with Biden or Harris. Day 43 VP Harris in Witness Protection Program – Deportation dip to lowest level in last 20 years
4) FL Gov. DeSantis sign enhanced Voter ID law – Prohibits Ballot Harvesting, No mass mailing, enhanced Voter ID – The Left is going crazy!
5) WOKE is now working in the GOP favor! As we predicted, people have had enough!
6) Trump on Social Media is like Prohibition – Unlimited Demand and No supply
7) CA validates enough signatures to recall Newsom
8) Up to 7 House Democrats have announced plan to retired

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