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Schaftlein Report

Schaftlein Report | 88% say Country is on the Wrong Track

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Mark Schaftlein host with Special Guest – Tom Amenta

Today in the News

1) Only 12% say the USA is going in the right direction.

2) Biden approval at 36% in Monmouth poll. 58% Disapprove. A 22 point gap.

Massive Migrant Caravan Marches Toward US with LGBT Flags Flying as Mexican President Snubs Biden at Summit

3) Radical liberal Democrats are frustrated with Biden on abortion even though he has very limited options on this subject.

4) Likewise, even after signing a bipartisan gun bill, they are still not happy in the aftermath of Highland Park which had very tough gun laws.

5) Biden administration sues Arizona over law requiring proof of citizenship to vote? This perfectly illustrates the gap between ordinary
Americans who favor such laws and the political elite.

6) Germany is on track to shut down 3 fully operating nuclear plants while Europe is having an energy crisis.
The EU has requested they keep them open. Again the radical greens are in control in Germany. How stupid can they be?

7) Oil prices fall below $100 as fears of recession take hold.

8) Biden administration is considering raising ozone standards in Permian basin where we get 40% of our oil.
He is either brain dead or deliberately committing political suicide.

8) Suspect admits to mass killing in Chicago

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About the Author:
As a lifelong advocate for the dream promised us in the Constitution, Andrew West has spent his years authoring lush prose editorial dirges regarding America's fall from grace and her path back to prosperity. When West isn't railing against the offensive whims of the mainstream media or the ideological cruelty that is so rampant in the US, he spends his time seeking adventurous new food and fermented beverages, with the occasional round of golf peppered in.