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Schaftlein Report: CA Governor Newsom Easily Survives Recall in 64%-36% Blowout

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Guest: Teisha Powell – Political and Legal Analyst, Author of the book ‘Liberal Lies: Discover The Lies Being Told By the Liberal Media and the Establishment’ (Available on Amazon)
1) Newsom recall results – What does it mean?
2) Biden approval at 42% – He is under water with Independents 34-52
3) Senator Rubio calls for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Milley to resign after revelations of his communications with his Chinese counterpart alleging Trump was a threat to the country
*Reportedly warned the Chinese would be told if there was an attack?
4) Democratic Senators Kaine and Menendez reject the administrations claim no one saw the Taliban conquest happening so fast
*Full accounting is needed in bi-partisan scathing analysis of the entire incident of withdrawal
5) 200K migrants crossed border in July
6) Teisha Powell discusses the liberal bias in the media and its effects on politics and culture

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