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Schaftlein Report

Schaftlein Report: Confusion and Chaos at Kabul Airport still drag the Indecisive Administration

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1) Biden considering extending the 8-31 deadline – Taliban says NO
2) Evacuations continue from Kabul – 42K so far. 65K Afghans remain as well as 7,500 Americans – Civilian aircraft being deployed?
3) former Secretary Pompeo rips administration for leaving valuable military assets. Total incompetence
4) Chris Wallace on Sunday show – “Does the president not know what is going on” in question to Secretary of State Blinkin who gave no direct answer – This is horrifying
5) FDA grants approval for Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine. IMPLICATIONS? 51% fully vaccinated while 60 have at least one shot
6) House Moderates furious with Pelosi over first infrastructure deal being held up
7) Senator Sinema vows not to support $3.5T Bill #2
8) Chicago – 44 shot and 7 killed over the weekend
9) 52% of those surveyed in Rasmussen poll say Biden is NOT up to the job of President and a majority believe aides are running the government
*A majority now expect he will not finish his term

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