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Schaftlein Report: Democrats Unveil their Tax Increase Plan in the House

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Guest: Richard Battle – Multi Award-Winning Author – Speaker – Advisor (
1) Tax Increase plan:
Raise the corporate rate from 21% to 25.6, but less than Biden’s plan of 28%
Increase Capital Gains from 20% to 25%
Increase income tax top rate from 37 to 39.6%
3% Surcharge on Incomes over 5.0M
Goldman Sachs say tax increases are biggest threat to the economy
80% of Americans OPPOSE the tax hikes
2) State Sovereign rights versus Federal rights:
Texas Border Wall $1.8B
Texas Voting Rights Bill
Texas Heartbeat Bill – AOC and liberal Democrats push to end filibuster and expand the Supreme Court
3) Biden approval at 42% disapproval at 50% – Democratic Pollster Doug Schoen predicts a route in 2022
4) Inflation running much hotter than expected – Kroger warns of price increases
5) Crime continues unabated in blue cities – 60 shot in Chicago
6) CA recall vote is Tuesday
7) Secretary of State Blinken to be grilled by Senate panel on Afghanistan fiasco

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