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Schaftlein Report: Get a Job and Pay the Rent

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Guest: Gary DeMar – American Vision President (
1) Biden to issue Executive Order mandating by 2030 that 50% of new car sales achieve zero emissions – Automakers have been planning for this
2) Eviction moratorium likely to be reversed as landlords sue
3) New Poll – 51% want Ca Gov Newsome removed – 40% do not – A majority of Latinos and Whites want him gone
4) Woke Olympics hit all time low in ratings with less than 10M viewers
5) Moderna says booster shot likely needed before winter. Its original vaccine is 93% effective with data collected prior to Delta variant
6) No sign Cuomo to resign – He is holed up in mansion contemplating his future
7) In our daily Chicago report, 18 shot on Wednesday and 1 killed
8) Rep. Corey Bush pushes Defund the Police while having a private security apparatus
9) Infrastructure bill will require alcohol monitors for all new cars – Unsure of the start date for this change

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