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Schaftlein Report: GOP Digs in against wasteful spending - Eyes 2022 Mid-Terms

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Guest: John Castorani – Republican Candidate for 7th district in Virginia (, Military Special Ops Intel Veteran with 7 Combat Deployments
1) John Castorani discusses why he is running for office and what ISSUES the voters are concerned about
2) Secretary Blinkin tries to deflect blame for Afghanistan debacle to Trump and Senators were having none of it
*United Nations urges the body send $600M to Taliban – Taliban requests U.S. aid?
3) Democrats continue internal debate over tax and spending plans in the “fake infrastructure ” bill – Pushing Amnesty into the bill
*Manchin wants work requirement for child Tax Credits and liberal Democrats so no
4) Consumer Price Index up 5.3% as food, fuel and housing cost soar
5) CA Gov. Newsom recall is today – Latest polls show 8-10 point No advantage – Turnout is the key
6) White House cuts Biden’s microphone during Q and A again – Why? Who is pulling the strings?

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