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Schaftlein Report: National Police Association Addresses the Left Wing 'Woke Movement' Against Our Men and Women in Blue

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Guest: Sgt. Betsy Smith – National Police Association Spokesperson (
1) Standing Against Anti – Police Rhetoric – Sgt. Smith provides an update
2) Crime has soared across the country – We’ll discuss the reasons
3) 13 Memorial Flags representing the fallen soldiers in the suicide bombing are vandalized in Riverside according to Riverside Police
4) Up to 150 more Americans flown out of Afghanistan as Administration continues to deal with the aftermath of a disaster
5) Biden mandates vaccine for all federal workers – More to follow?
6) California Recall – Woman in Guerrilla head throws eggs at Larry Elder -Radical left insults him with racial talk
7) 60% of Americans favor Joe Manchin’s “Strategic Pause” in the $3.5T spending monstrosity
8) Biden’s Approval Rating drops dramatically to 39%

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