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Schaftlein Report

Schaftlein Report | Polls show Red Wave building

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Schaftlein Report | Polls show Red Wave building
Guest – Jeffrey Dunetz

1) Biden delivers unhinged desperate speech which will accomplish nothing.
He heads to Blue New Mexico, CA and Illinois to campaign. Odd strategy?

1A) Hillary Clinton delivers “Basket of Deplorable speech 2” “The consequences of voting Republican”

Massive Migrant Caravan Marches Toward US with LGBT Flags Flying as Mexican President Snubs Biden at Summit

These aging liberal losers will come back to haunt Democrats.

2) General Don Buldoc dodged attack by an individual prior to debate in which he won easily. The suspect was arrested. Buldoc now +1

3) Oz now up by 1 in PA, Bennett only up by 2 in Colorado. If Republicans win Colorado, it will be a tsunami for the Red team!

3A) Johnson up +2 in Wisconsin

4) In a very odd twist, the White House took CREDIT for the increase in Social security benefit payments. Biden even bragged about it.
The problem is the increase is tied to Inflation so the Tweet was deleted.

5) Only 17 % of Voters are happy with the direction of the country.

6) In Economic news, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates 75 basis points an said rates would be higher for longer and signaled
another 50 basis point rise in December is expected.

7) Musk said to be laying off half of Twitter work force of about 3,500 people.

8) The Israeli election – Jeffrey to provide a deep dive update as it can be confusing. Bibi wins as right wing coalition forms.

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