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Schaftlein Report: Stocks at Record Highs. Where and How Should You Be Investing Today

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Guest: Dutch Masters – CEO of Carnivore Trading, secret group of conservative top former analysts and traders from major financial institutions ( )
1) Dutch discusses the ins and outs happening real time on Wall Street along with Trading Strategies
2) Growth versus Value and the role Interest rates and the Federal Reserve play in the market
3) Government spending and the Infrastructure Bill update – Is this bill fully paid for or not?
*The Amendment Process begins – The group of 22 has power to stop bad additions to the bill
4) $28T deficit and growing. Spend now, borrow and pay later – How long can this go on for?
*Will growth of the economy enable the U.S. to pay it obligations without hindering that projected growth?
5) Supply chain disruptions and insane Unemployment benefits are causing the severe labor shortage to get worse – Employers find hiring extremely difficult
6) Democrats scramble to address the Eviction Ban ending. Why should landlords subsidize people that won’t pay their rent? Answer – Enough is Enough already
*It’s time to let the market work
7) Gov. Cuomo in hot water – Won’t resign after NY AG bombshell report on sexual harassment. Even Democrats are calling for him to resign

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