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Schaftlein Report: The Media's Role in Corrupting Public Opinion

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Guest: Larry Klayman – Founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch ( ), Author of ‘It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry!’ – Attorney and Former Federal Prosecutor
1) Weekend Sunday shows continue to focus on Trump and Cheney with a false narratives about Republicans and sowing confusion over masks. Hint: Media did not approve of CDC removing mask requirements.
2) More WOKENESS gone south – Space force officer dismissed for denouncing Marxist ideology and Critical Race Theory in the Military
3) Day 54 and VP Harris is still in Witness Protection 178K crossed in April 2021 versus 17K in 2020
4) Israel continues defending itself against Hamas rocket attacks leave 188 dead and 1,200 injured – Left-wing Democrats side against Israel’s right to self defense
5) Political Corruption from the Far Left

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