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School Board Member Sworn In to Office on Stack of Degenerate Books

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Well, at least you can’t say Karl Frisch isn’t forthright about his values.

Frisch is a member of the Fairfax County School Board in Virginia. According to liberal news site Blue Virginia, this is his second term, having won re-election by 30 points in November. He was sworn in on Wednesday and will become chair of the board on Jan. 1.

And, just because this is Virginia and he needed to telegraph what educators there are all about, he took the oath of office on a literal pile of filth.

According to Blue Virginia, Frisch was sworn in on “a stack of the five LGBTQ-themed books most frequently banned by other school systems.”

“Fairfax County residents want safe and inclusive schools with exceptional, well-compensated educators and equitable access to the rigorous academic and enrichment opportunities every student needs to succeed,” Frisch said in a statement.

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“I am grateful for the trust … families have placed in me, and with tonight’s Oath, I commit to standing strong for these values and advancing these priorities with my new and returning colleagues.”

And just what are those priorities? Well, take a good look at the books Frisch selected for his swearing-in:

If you aren’t familiar with these books, a profoundly not-safe-for-work clip shows Sen. John Kennedy reading from two of them — “All Boys Aren’t Blue” and “Gender Queer” — during a hearing in September:

WARNING: The following video contains extremely graphic language that most viewers will find offensive.

In addition, Parents Defending Education president Nicki Neily noted that one of the books “depicts naked teenage boys.”

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“Don’t forget that the ‘book ban’ narrative is part of a dishonest political campaign aimed at attacking parents,” she said on social media. “Families wanting age-appropriate material in their children’s schools is NOT ‘book banning,’ it’s common sense.”

Libs of TikTok also exposed the ugly depravity:

This isn’t a matter of pearl-clutching conservatives launching a book-burning drive simply because the tomes in question are “LGBTQ-themed.” By the same logic, a school district that denies access to Pornhub on middle school computers is banning content because it is “straight-themed.”

In an update Thursday, Blue Virginia reported that “Fairfax County School Board members brought whatever books they wanted to their swearing-in. … Apparently, only one or two members were sworn in on a Bible, while some weren’t sworn in on any book at all.”

Yes, and one was sworn in on a pile of literal pornography.

The only gods that woke educators worship are their own perverted values, so one hardly expects them to turn up with a Bible. In fact, it might be preferable they didn’t, lest God smite them with lightning for even daring to put a hand on his Word and set the building ablaze in the process. Best not to tempt that.

However, by choosing the books he did, one social media user said Frisch showcased “human depravity at its worst.”

Another warned parents to “homeschool your children.”

What’s more, as the conservative 1776 Project PAC noted, the incident reminded parents that “elections have consequences.”

Showing up to school board meetings to protest this bilge is both fine and necessary — but simply venting that anger on porn pushers like Frisch isn’t enough if the wider community can’t be persuaded to vote them out the next time they’re up for re-election.

This is the contempt they hold you in, parents: They will literally take the oath of office on smut to shove their control over your children in your face.

Vote them out — and then get your children out. Their education is too important to trust to deviants like Karl Frisch.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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