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School Bus Driver Blesses Kids on His Bus in Unbelievably Generous Way for Christmas

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This year has been bursting with story after story of Christmas kindness. When members of God’s creation mirror him in the act of giving generous blessings, it’s truly a beautiful thing!

To Chris Jenkins, driving a school bus for Lake Highlands Elementary School in Texas isn’t just a job, it’s a ministry.

“I’m not at a job, I’m on a mission from God,” he shared with NBC5 in a statement about an incredible way he chose to be a blessing to the children he takes to and from school each day.

At first, Jenkins had considered hosting a gift exchange on the last bus ride before Christmas break, but his wife, Shaneqia, suggested that every child might not be able to afford a gift.

“No hesitation,” she said, describing her generous husband to the news outlet. “He’s always wanting to do something for the kids, he’s been talking about it for months.”

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That’s when the two of them hatched a plan to simply give each child a great gift instead.

So, for the next several weeks, Jenkins stashed a little bit from each paycheck and built up a gift list as he casually asked each kid what they had on their hearts for a Christmas gift. “We talked about the things that they would want and I made a mental note of it and wrote it down,” Jenkins revealed.

And, just as he’d hoped, the last ride before the students’ holiday break was an incredible one as they boarded the bus to find it jam-packed with gifts.

“He is the most amazing bus driver,” said Katrina Clift, the mother of one student on Jenkins’ bus. “He’s always good to [her son] and all the kids on the bus.”

Clift also shared with NBC5 that Jenkins had even blessed her family with a turkey this past Thanksgiving.

“It literally made me cry. I hung up the phone with him, I went over to my husband and I put my head on his chest and I just cried,” Clift said of this amazing man. “It makes me feel like I belong and I mean something to this community, especially to the people who love my children.”

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