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Secret Service Discovers 10 Agents Whose J6 Messages Were Deleted

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As the January 6th select committee continues to ramp up the high drama of their hearings, their latest bombastic plot twist has dragged the nation’s most elite law enforcement agency out into the spotlight.

The committee is no stranger to Hollywood-style storylines, having even gone so far as to hire a former ABC television executive to produce at least one of their prime time hearings.  The twists and turns in their telling of the tale have been correspondingly entertaining.

The most recent sordid suggestion from the barely bipartisan group alleges that the Secret Service deleted text message from both January 5th and January 6th, 2021, with the public left to infer that this was somehow a nefarious maneuver.  (In reality, the agency had migrated cell phone services and lost that data in the switch).

The story picked up steam again over the weekend as another supposed revelation surfaced.

After the Capitol riots, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) inspector general asked 24 members of the Secret Service involved to produce text records from around that day. Only a single text exchange was produced, for an entire period of 30 days (between December 7, 2020 and January 8, 2021).

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Now, investigators have found that 10 of the Secret Service personnel involved in Jan. 6 deleted several text messages, whose content is still unknown.

While the identity of the 24 Secret Service staff members involved was not disclosed, we know that 10 did not send or receive any text message in the month between December 7, 2020 and January 8, 2021, and three more had only personal records.

The Secret Service has denied that any of their agents were involved in any wrongdoing, but the framing of the story by the J6 committee has previously led social media users to suggest that some sort of “cover up” was occurring, for which there is no evidence at this time.

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