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Secret Texts Reveal that U.S. Military Officials were Furious at Biden for Leaving Americans Behind in Kabul

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According to a report, a number of U.S. military officials were shocked and disgusted after Joe Biden began showing that he was going to leave tens of thousands of Americans behind during his disastrous evacuation of Afghanistan.

The report found a large number of texts between officials in which they were lamenting Biden’s actions.

“We are f*cking abandoning American citizens,” one Army colonel wrote in the texts that detail how a group of Americans were rejected at airport as a rescue flight awaited.

Per Just The News:

But text messages between U.S. military commanders and private citizens mounting last-minute rescues tell a far different story, one in which pleading American citizens were frantically left behind at the Kabul airport gate this past weekend to face an uncertain fate under Taliban rule while U.S. officials sought to spread the blame between high-ranking generals and the State Department

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“We are f*cking abandoning American citizens,” an Army colonel assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division wrote Sunday in frustration in a series of encrypted messages that detailed the failed effort to extricate a group of American citizens, hours before the last U.S. soldiers departed Afghanistan.

The text messages and emails were provided to Just the News by Michael Yon, a former Special Forces soldier and war correspondent who was among the private citizens working with private networks and the military to rescue stranded Americans.

Yon told Just the News that a group of Americans were abandoned at the Kabul airport, pleading for help as military officials told them they were finished with evacuations.

“We had them out there waving their passport screaming, ‘I’m American,'” Yon said Tuesday while appearing on the John Solomon Reports podcast.

“People were turned away from the gate by our own Army,” Yon added.

This is the mess that Biden created. Biden left tens of thousands of American citizens in danger and abandoned them to be murdered at leisure by the Taliban.

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